Comprehensive  Plan Management

Countless regulations and an industry full of providers concerned with their own liability have left plan sponsors with the time consuming burden of running their plans. Without a qualified resource to guide them, many well-intentioned sponsors spend unnecessary time and money managing their plan.

We believe there is a better approach. Let our experts do the work of running your plan, so you can focus on running your business. Our Total Plan Management solution is designed to be flexible and allows your organization to delegate as little or as much responsibility as you like to our team, without giving up control.

Our process begins with an in-depth plan review of your plan, during which we focus on:

  • Plan Design

  • Plan Governance

  • Compliance

  • Investments

  • Costs and Vendors

  • Participant Education and Retirement Readiness

Once we have a thorough understanding of your plan and your organization’s goals and objectives, we pull from our full suite of services to design and implement a full service solution specifically tailored to your plan.

Investment Services

Few aspects of a retirement plan have as direct an impact on participant assets, or carry as much fiduciary risk, as the investment lineup.  

Participant Education

Advus's participant education programs are designed to help overcome this lack of understanding and empower participants to achieve their retirement goals. 

Fiduciary & Plan Oversight

We focus on helping sponsors establish properly formed plan committees and then empowering those committees with the tools and information they need to make strategic decisions about their plans.

Plan Operations Support

Advus's retirement plan experts have the skills and resources needed to ensure your plan is managed as effectively as possible, and support your organization throughout each stage of the planning process.