Our Proven Investment Process

Taking a comprehensive approach to wealth management and investments involves much more than knowing the markets. While experience and knowledge are indispensable assets to have on your side while crafting a prudent strategy, any optimally performing strategy must center on one key focus—achieving your individual goals.

Combining a deep understanding of your immediate needs and long-term objectives, Advus can help craft and implement a sound investment strategy based on our proven investment process.

Phase 1: Assess and Develop

The most important ingredient in our tried and true investment process is how well we know our clients. Our focus at this stage is to develop a thoughtful investment structure based on a detailed review of your investment goals, as well as your current assets and liabilities, income projections, expected cash flows and exposure to risk. Once we’ve completed our exploratory process, we are poised to design an investment strategy capable and likely to meet your objectives efficiently and across all desired dimensions.

Phase 2: Implement

The right people can make all of the difference and our goal during the implementation stage to build the best team for the job at hand. Through broad, systematic and in-depth research, we identify investment managers to execute the investment strategies we developed during the first phase and meet your unique financial goals. Our selection process has been honed, tested and proven, consistently identifying investment management firms capable of reliably delivering superior performance, solid investment disciplines and depth of investment experience.

Phase 3: Monitor, Evaluate & Refine

Change, risk and unforeseen shifts are virtually unavoidable and how you approach managing these conditions can set the tone for your entire investment strategy. At Advus, we constantly monitor, evaluate and refine your portfolio to ensure we keep you informed of potential risk exposure and market trends. When adjustments are necessary, we work with our clients to devise a prudent strategy to stabilize, grow and protect wealth while employing our proven investment process and beginning the cycle anew.